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2010年 10月 26日

City Walking/トスカーナ報告6

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Paoloさんのスウェーデン出身のガールフレンド、Anita Matellさんもアーティストで、こんな可愛いポスターが展示してありました。ウェブサイトのイラストも彼女の手になるものだそう。


Paolo Carandiniさんのウェブサイトはコチラです。





As requested, I provide a brief English translation below:

I had heard that Florence is good size to walk around. As it was my first visit there, it might have been a good idea to go to famous sightseeing spots and museums; but there were long queues everywhere because it was weekend. So I decided to just walk around the city as I liked and to drop in at wherever I liked, without catching a bus.

This kind of narrow and long sky often seen between old buildings seems me very Italian.

You can find a lot of museum pieces in this city, even if you are not in a museum.

Hey David, you are always looking at such beautiful scenery…

I found a fascinating leather shop on the street. It is also a workshop of a craftsman, working there.

The craftsman Mr Paolo Carandini is such a friendly person; I enjoyed talking with him about his work, his business in Japan, wine and olive oil in Tuscany, and so on.

I wanted to buy a couple of lovely small parchment trays and asked him to have them. He kindly proposed that he should engrave my name and my husband’s on the side of the trays, saying “If you can come back this afternoon, I’ll do it for you by then”. I was so happy because it would be such great souvenir, wouldn’t it?

His Swedish girlfriend Ms Anita Matell is also an artist: I liked the beautiful poster on the wall, which she designs. We can find her design on his website as well.

The trays at home. Paolo gave me this pretty robot doll made by Anita when I came back to his workshop in the afternoon.

Paolo’s website is here.

(…then some stories continue about the blue quartz rings I bought at a jewelry shop near Ponte Vecchio, the shop-clerk Cristina kindly discounted the prices, the rings’ colors are the same as my businescard’s…and so on…)

I really enjoy the day. Grazie, Italia!



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